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Welcome to Strike Models!

The proposed sale of Strike Models fell through. We are having one last sale on items in stock to get rid of most things except core production items.

We are making  a final run of hulls, to be shipped to us with the molds. All the sold-out hulls will be available for this run, if we get enough orders. We need orders for at least 20 hulls to make this run. The molds will be unavailable for production until the business is purchased (contact us if you are interested in this purchase).

We will take hull orders until Labor Day, Sept 7 13th. There will be a shipping delay; These will come to us from out of state, then we will need to ship them to you. Some deck sets are still available, but we cannot make more.

UPDATE: As of Sept 7th, we are 15 hulls that need to be manufactured. We are going to extend this a week to get the last few orders in, but we will be able to make the run one way or another.