Welcome to Strike Models!

Welcome to Strike Models! In case you’ve never heard of this hobby before, here’s a quick introduction. People build RC 1:144 models of ships from WWI and WWII, arm them with BBs and ball bearings, then go out for battles on a pond. The ships shoot each other, and they actually do sink but then are easily repaired and battling again in an hour. The hobby is popular in the US, Canada, and Australia, but currently limited in some other areas due to complex gun laws. We do sell and ship all over the world though, since some people like to just build their model and not partake in the shooting it up fun. People usually build battleships, battlecruisers, and cruisers. There are some destroyers built and a few subs, but they are more difficult to build because of their smaller size in this scale. We provide fiberglass hulls, ship kits, BB cannons, radios, and everything else you need for 1:144 scale models. We support Fast Gun, Treaty, and Big Gun styles of RC model warship combat.

Did you see us at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire? Thanks for stopping by! Our local club is Washington Cascade Column, and we also have a discussion forum. We’re planing on a battle in mid-April in Yelm. Please call or email us for more information.



The Viper-75 speed controller has been out of stock for a while now. We have now received in the new waterproof tio-50 and TT-60E speed controllers to get as much power as possible to those that need it.

We are now stocking the Mtroniks car and tug sound modules. We have more information about each module here.

We have a new fiberglass supplier, are starting up hull production again.

The Radetzky mold is now in production. This pre-dreadnought will likely be popular with her twin rudders. We should be able to fill orders by sometime in mid-June. Turrets will also be made available soon. Deck sets are still a little farther out.

We have three new turrets available. We just added the quad turret  for the Richelieu. We also have the quad and twin turrets for the KGV. George M has the primary and secondary rangefinders for the KGV. All are available with the rest of the turrets.