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About Us

Stephen and Keri Morgret are the people behind Strike Models. Stephen has always loved building and designing things. While he got his mechanical engineering degree, he and his father started building their first model warship. After working as a product support engineer in the semiconductor industry, Stephen left that position to start his own company that would design products for the model warship crowd, and Keri provided some of the behind-the-scenes support. When Swampworks Mfg. came up for sale, we realized it was a great opportunity to be able to quickly expand the scope of our business. We carry the full Swampworks line, as well as new product designs, and have expanded to serve the Big Gun Community.

Contact Us:
510-566-8406 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, Pacific time

To Order:
You can directly purchase most items through our website. If you would like to buy batteries or big gun cannons, or are outside of the United State, please contact Stephen directly with your request.