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Club Information

General Information on Model Warship Combat:
RC Warship Combat is a an extremely helpful site for all aspects of model warship combat. There are forums available for most questions people have.

North American Model Warship Organizations:
There are three different major rule sets for 1:144 model warship combat: Big Gun, Fast Gun, and Washington Treaty. The object for all types is to sink one’s neighbor. Fast Gun uses exclusively BB sized ammunition, thin balsa, and the ships move fastest. Big Gun uses different sized ammunition depending upon the size of the prototype guns, different thicknesses of balsa for armor, a rate of fire limitation, often have rotating turrets, and the ships are slowest. Washington Treaty (often referred to only as Treaty) ships are constructed similarly to Fast Gun ships, but they are a little slower and have a rate of fire limitation.

Fast Gun Organizations:
IR/CWCC is an umbrella organization with many clubs and unified rule sets.
International R/C Warship Combat Club, Inc. is located primarily in the Northeast USA and Eastern Canada. For specific location information, see their captains and clubs page.

Washington Treaty:
There are two different groups operating under the Washington Treaty combat rules. Both use fast gun hardware, but the combat rules are different and a overall game play is a little slower.
Washington Treaty R/C Combat
Midwest Naval Combat Club does both 1:144 Washington Treaty Combat at 1:96 scale Battlestations combat.

Big Gun Clubs:
Big Gun clubs are all local organizations in various parts of the USA.
Chesapeake Battle Group
Empire State Battle Group is located near Rochester, NY
Mid-Atlantic Battle Group
North Texas Battle Group
Western Warship Combat Club is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Australian Model Warship Clubs:
So far as we know, all Australian clubs are Big Gun.
Australian Battle Group
Sydney Battle Squadron
Victorian Battle Squadron

European Model Warship Clubs:
Danish Model Task Group
R/C Naval Combat in France
Swedish Seabattle Club

Other Scales:
1:96 Scale

1:72 Scale
Queens Own
Pacific Model Warship Club