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Hull Construction

HMS Hood Hull

We’ve been asked about how our fiberglass hulls are made, and about the hull thicknesses.

Battleships are made with two layers of mat fiberglass. The thickness is typically 3mm. Cruisers and destroyers are made with one layer of mat fiberglass overall, with a second layer along the sides.

These are thicker than the hulls previously sold by Swampworks Manufacturing. Hulls can be made with different thicknesses, but would be considered a custom order.

We’ve found there are two major problems often encountered with fiberglass hulls. One is that hull is too thin on the sides and direct hits (especially in Big Gun combat) damage the ribs. The second is that some hulls warp, with either the sides bulging out or the base bulging up.

To address the thin hulls, Strike Models is making the hulls thicker in general. For the smaller ships, we are only putting the extra fiberglass mat on the sides of the hull. This helps reinforce the rib area, yet minimize additional hull weight.

We investigated seven fiberglass fabricators before we found someone who could consistently make good-quality hulls, and who could keep the hulls from warping. The fabrication shop also makes medical, aerospace, and radar equipment, and is used to making products that follow and hold extremely tight tolerances. The process takes more time, but produces excellent results.

Shown above is our HMS Hood hull.