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Mtroniks Sound Modules

Mtroniks recently released a line of sound modules for both boats and cars. The modules and their speakers are waterproof. Instructions are included. The modules are designed for 6 to 12 volts and have a built in volume adjustment.

Setup for the modules is quite simple. Besides connecting power, the modules are connected to the leads going directly to the motors past any speed controllers. The speakers go to any convenient place (though higher is better, especially with the marine versions). The marine versions also have two additional wires that can be used for additional sounds by running them through a switch to ground (a simple servo pressing a button or microswitch is sufficient).

Part NumberDescriptionPriceBuy
Marine Sound Modules
SOUND5-msdtdigiSOUND5msdt Small Diesel Tug$75.00
SOUND5-mlddigiSOUND5mld Large Multi Cylinder Air Start Diesel$75.00
SOUND5-mndddigiSOUND5mndd Napier Delta Diesel$75.00
SOUND5-mdcbdigiSOUND5mdcb Diesel Canal Boat$75.00
Car Sound Modules
SOUND5-ccirdigiSOUND5ccir V12 circuit race $75.00
SOUND5-cbbdigiSOUND5cbb V8 Big Block$75.00
SOUND5-cscdigiSOUND5csc V8 race car w/gears$75.00