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January 2016 Temporary Manufacturing Shutdown

We’re going to be shutting down manufacturing for Strike Models for the first couple of weeks in January. What does this mean?

  • Orders placed in December are not affected!
  • Orders for items that need manufacturing will be delayed until towards the end of January. This includes ship kits, cannons, superstructure, props, many resin molded items, and some decks.
  • Ready-to-ship items, such as fiberglass hulls, speed controllers, motors, will be shipped soon after the order is placed.
  • We will respond to every order and let you know if it will be shipped right away or if there will be a delay.
  • Feel free to email and ask about specific product availability.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve picked up a fair amount of new equipment that has been pressed into service without getting properly set up. In a few other cases, we have just not had time to get them set up at all. So, for the first couple of weeks  in January, we will be shutting down the manufacturing side of the business so that we can reconfigure the shop to be more efficient, easier to operate, and allow us to fill orders faster.

Thanks so much for your understanding, and have a Happy New Year!

Stephen and Keri Morgret