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October 2012 Update: Regulators and More

When it rains, it pours (so says the guy who just moved up to Seattle). We have two different regulators on their way, and they should be here around the end of the month.

The first regulator is from Genuine Innovations, for 12 and 16 gram cartridges. This regulator is about an ounce and is perfect for destroyers. I looked at this regulator almost three years ago and found a wear problem — and recently discovered that you need to use the company’s cartridges and not the ones at sporting good stores. The cartridges are a little more expensive, but not outrageous. I will stock them, but they can also be found at bicycle shops. I’ve picked up a small lot of both the 12 and 16 gram cartridges, as I am not sure which one will be sufficient for our needs.  I can only ship the cartridges ground.

And now for what all of you have been waiting for: the lightweight regulators are on their way to me right now. I will have enough of the units to supply the hobby for a while, so we won’t have to keep finding new vendors. The new regulators will be able to use both pin valve and on/off valve tanks.

Both types of regulators should be available for orders at the beginning of November.

I had been having a problem getting the Traxxas gear set for a while, and I found out why. Traxxas discontinued the Villain boats that the parts came out of. After having fun finding them in quantity, I was able to purchase the remaining Traxxas stock of those parts. This includes the mounting bracket (1521), the nylon gear (1526), as well as the various pinions. I have enough to supply the hobby for at least a year or two. By the time parts start running low, I will have had time to either find another supplier or be making my own.

We have a new hull available to order. George M has been working on the super-secret Escargo project. The result is the extremely versatile C3 cargo ship hull. The hull was based on the ship length being 495 feet long and 69 feet wide. This hull can be used for tankers, cargo ships, and aircraft carriers. It is also the very close to being the correct size for both Axis and Allied armed merchant cruisers (Q ships). The hull was extended up to make it easier to cut down to the many ways that this hull could be configured.
C3 Cargo Hull (Escargo)

The move from California to Washington has been a little arduous. It involved filling a 28 foot semi trailer AND a 16 foot rental truck. Once we got the house (which almost didn’t happen), we had to rewire the shop. The circuit breakers were almost as old as I am and I had to install a 50 hp 3-phase converter to run an injection molding machine. That is now installed, and I am getting the rest of the equipment installed and functional, as well as all of the inventory organized and shelved. I am also still getting vendors lined up for making  things like decks, hulls and superstructure.

Keri and I really appreciate your patience and support these past few months! Please drop us a line if you come visit Seattle, we’d like to have coffee and say hello!