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Project Updates November 2011

We just got in a new batch of speed controllers, including several new brushed and brushless models. There have also been pricing changes that I think that few people would object to.

Big Gun Cannons: Please contact us if you are interested in either 2 or 3 barrel 3/16″ cannons. The first production run is well underway, but we need to find out what sizes to construct.

A new injection molded T for fast gun cannons is in rev 2 and is testing very well. With a lot of help from Bob G, we think we know what final changes need to be made. Another pin mold is being made with a slightly longer main length.

The solenoid driver is having a new spin made on its circuit board. The next rev will control up to 4 solenoid groups on two servo channels. The problem with dealing with low signal voltages coming from the receiver (a particular problem on some import radios) has been resolved once and for all.

Regulators: A prototype has been in testing in L.A., and seems to be working well. It has been sunk, frozen (a gas leak caused the bottle to freeze but the reg worked just fine) and tested with quads. The new design is a variable regulator with a built in pressure gauge and swivel elbow with a press-fit connector. The weight will be around 6 ounces.

The waterjet cutter is working. Here is a link to some of the Bismarck and Littorio superstructure parts that were just cut out. We are making some adjustment for surface finish and cut speed, but it really looks like this will be the way to go. We have a number of new superstructure kits that are coming out, as this will allow easier and more intricate pieces to be made. When cutting the superstructure foam, the parts will actually be cut from large 4×6′ sheets after being carefully nested. The new superstructures that are ready (and in some cases already partially cut out) are:

FS Dunkerque
HMS Gorgon
HMS Hood
HMS Kent
HMS Roberts
IJN Agano
IJN Kongo
Sri Ayuthia
USS Tennessee
Landing Ship Tank

Most of our existing ships have already been converted. At the moment, the Invincible, Gloire, and Derfflinger are the only current kits (or semi kits) that are not ready.