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Cannon Systems – Fast Gun

All of the BB Cannons are being made with the “Foster Style” breech heads. In addition, we are now offering an upgrade option of dual thickness, tight tolerance, stainless steel barrels with all of our BB Cannon Systems.

We make several different designs of BB Cannon to meet differing warship needs and all are now made exclusively with the battle proven “Foster type” O-Ring breech. All of the BB cannons have pressurized magazines and spring loaded interrupter pistons, giving quick, hesitation-free rapid fire shooting. Just the ticket for blasting holes in the hull of the opposing fleets vessels.

The photo above shows the most commonly used styles: (from left, top row) 50BB Std height, 50BB Low height, 75BB Std height, 75BB Low height. These coiled magazine cannons offer the most in compact design and work well in 90% of all applications. The BB fill port is rapidly accessible under the turret cover. Best used in “single” mount applications.

Below the coiled versions are shown the 75 and 50BB Straight Cannons (Note: the 75 is shown without a barrel). These work best when mounting that “dual” or “triple” salvo firing from a single turret. Straight mag BB cannons have horizontal loading from an access hatch under a models superstructure.

The coiled magazine BB Cannons are all shown with standard 4 inch brass tube barrels. The 50BB Straight at the bottom has a 4 inch, double thickness, tight tolerance, Stainless Steel barrel, available as an upgrade option or as a spare item.

Catalog-Cannons-8At left is shown our double thick, tight tolerance stainless steel “upgrade” barrel and the standard brass tube barrel. Both have breech sleeves installed. Also shown are O-rings, barrel nuts, and barrel safety pins.

Strike Models offers a variety of stock, “pre-packaged” BB Cannon systems made to fit our model warship kits and some of the most popular scratch built designs. A couple are shown here.

Two Cannon System Pack

Please note that per our terms of service, these cannons are to be used only in model warships and under the rules of a NAMBA-affiliated group. This is for everyone’s safety. Thank you for understanding.


Solenoid Fast Gun Cannon Kits

We have been working toward getting electronic firing control for the cannons for a couple years now, and we can now launch the kits using our own firing board and Spartan valves. The valves are typically 6V with a 3mm orifice and Viton seals, draw about 1 amp, and they have 18″ wires for attaching a connector and hooking up to the firing board (the 12V version has different connector listed below). Making dual, triple, or quad firing systems is easy with electronic firing control, as all one needs to do is to make a simple wiring harness that puts the solenoids in parallel.

Dual Solenoid Driver Board

Dual Solenoid Driver Board

Strike Models now has their own firing boards for solenoids (or whatever else you want to drive). These boards are more that just switches, as they incorporate the flyback diodes and a significant amount of circuit protection (ESD, reverse polarity protection, and are 15V compatible across ALL pins). Power is connected to specific pins and the solenoids are hooked directly to the board (with or without a connector). Wiring harnesses are only necessary if you wish to gang the solenoids together. The board does not come with wires attached, but the wires are available below. The board will need to be protected from water using ScotchKote ™ or some other conformal coating. The board is rated for 10A of inductive load (ie. solenoids), though the connectors included are good for 5 amps each. The board is 1.05″ x 1.6″. Voltage drop across the components will typically be less than 0.03V, allowing more voltage at the solenoids where it is needed.

The solenoid cannon kits listed below include one 5V solenoid valve per BB cannon along with all of the necessary fittings and tubing to connect everything together. The 1 and 2 unit cannon kits come with a single solenoid driver board, while the cannon kits with 3 or more BB cannons come with 2 boards. The kits will also come with enough JST connectors to allow you to make whatever wiring harnesses that are possible for ships of that size. This is not a comprehensive list of the possible cannon configurations. If there is a setup you desire for your ship that you do not see (and it is for model warship combat, of course), contact us and we can get it made up. A 12V solenoid can be substituted in without extra cost into any of the kits.

Part NumberDescriptionPriceBuy
SOL-DRIVERKit for a two position solenoid driver. No wiring.$30.00
SOL-DRIVER-W-CONNKit for a two position solenoid driver with servo cable and three import JST connector pairs. Connectors rated for 5 amps.$34.00
SOL_v2-5V2.5mm Orifice Solenoid Valve for 4 to 8 Volt operation. Comes with 1/4" input and 1/8" output quick connects. Other adapters available.$24.00
SOL_v2-12V2.5mm Orifice Solenoid Valve for 9 to 14 Volt operation. Comes with 1/4" input and 1/8" output quick connects. Other adapters available.$24.00
SOL_v2_ActuatorReplacement actuator for v2 solenoids.$4.00
CONN-JSTImport JST style connector pair with a 5 amp rating. Used for for making harnesses for dual or triple solenoid firing cannons.$1.50

Fast Gun Cannon Parts

Many people prefer to make their own cannon systems, and for them we have interrupter pins and springs. The springs have a OD of about 0.235 inches, free length of 0.635 inches, and solid height of 0.135 inches. For corrosion reasons, the springs are made from stainless steel.

The interrupter pins are a very tough injection molded glass filled nylon. We’ve tested the through over 5000 rounds with minimal wear seen. The overall pin length is 0.61 inches with the head thickness of 0.072 inches and a head width of 0.317 inches.