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Deck Kits

People new to this hobby often think that cutting the windows in the fiberglass hulls to be difficult. This cutting is actually not all that difficult; it just takes a little time and setup. What actually ends up being more difficult is installing the sub-decks exactly 1/8 inch below the level of the hull. As a result, we have been re-engineering the decks and sub-decks to significantly make them easier to install.

These new deck kits are coming out for most of our hulls. Each deck kit is a fitted set of deck and sub-deck pieces that help keep the shape of the hull and provide access to the internal boat systems. What is different about our kits is that the sub-decks are not mounted below the edge of the fiberglass hull, but are mounted flush. The decks are set into a routed lip around the inside of the sub-deck. Having the sub-decks mounted flush with the top of the hull makes them significantly easier and faster to install. Some of the more complex hull decks with casement decks will not happen until MWCI rules are clarified (Baden, Kongo, Nagato, Moltke). We have found a way to comply with the current MWCI casemate rules, and are currently developing these decks.

These new decks are not perfect, but they were designed from real hulls and not just plans. They are designed to have a minimal amount of finishing needed to get them to fit. The modeler will need to sand the bow where the deck has to be beveled to match the hull. Cross supports are machined right into the sub-decks in most of the kits. These cross supports also make good places to split the deck if the modeler desires.

As each new deck section is designed, we will add it to the table below. We will be working to get all of them, but they take a while to create for the first time. If there are particular ones you want soon, please contact us so we can prioritize. It is important to note that these decks and sub-decks will only work with Strike Models hulls. They will work with Swampworks hulls, though there might need to be a little extra work to get the fit right.