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We carry a full line of sturdy, tough, resin molded rudders for any model ship that needs one. All of the rudders come with a 1/8 inch brass post embedded in the plastic. Each rudder has very smooth surface finish and an “airfoil” cross section.

Rudder Overview

We have seven different designs available, from 1.875 square inches up to 3.5 square inches in profile surface area.

NOTE: While extremely tough, these rudders can easily be sanded or shaped to a different profile size if needed. For example, you have a an HMS Valiant, or a DKM Gneisenau, both of which are Class 5 ships with twin rudders. Per some RC Combat rulesets, each rudder needs to be no more than 2.25 square inches in profile area. It would be a simple matter to choose a pair of our 2.5 square inch rudders and remove a small amount of profile in order to get them down to the 2.25 square inch maximum area allowed.

Battleship Rudder

This photo shows the smooth “airfoil” cross section of our 2.0 square inch cruiser rudder, which is typical of all of our rudders, and the 3.00 square inch Pate-design battleship rudder. This thick leading edge teardrop design on the 3.0 inch is partly responsible for the fantastic maneuverability of the USS North Carolina class battleships.

Part NumberDescriptionPriceBuy
RUDR-1871.875 square inch rudder (dual rudder class 4)$4.00
RUDR-2002.0 square inch rudder (single rudder class 3)$4.00
RUDR-225-P2.25 square inch rudder (dual class 5, Pate style)$4.00
RUDR-250-P2.5 square inch rudder (single rudder class 4)$4.00
RUDR-2502.5 square inch rudder (USS South Carolina)$4.00
RUDR-300-P3.0 square inch rudder (dual class 6, Pate style)$4.00
RUDR-3003.0 square inch rudder (single class 5 rudder)$4.00
RUDR-3503.5 square inch rudder (main on class 4 with tandems)$4.00
R-GEAR-P12One inch pinion gear for rudder. Tapped 6-32 with 1/8" bore, 12 tooth and 12 pitch, injection molded ABS.$4.00
R-Gear-S24Two inch gear to be connected to servo horn. 24 tooth and 12 pitch, injection molded ABS.$4.00

We now offer injection molded gears for driving the rudders. The new gears are high impact ABS with a face width of 1/4 inch. With a gear pitch of 12, these are extremely sturdy gears. The pinion that attaches to the rudder shaft has a 1/8″ bore and is tapped 6-32. The two inch gear is designed to cover the servo horn and have as low a profile as possible. The large gear cannot be attached directly to the servo due to a patent.