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Running Hardware

Marine Shrink Tubing
The marine shrink tubing contracts to 1/3 of its original diameter, and is lined with a heat sensitive glue. When heated, the tubing shrinks diametrically and the glue seals the inside. The length of the tubing does not shrink when heated.

All of the motors listed below are brushed motors unless they specifically say they are brushless.

Part NumberDescriptionPriceBuy
Hardware Parts
RADIO-HK6 Channel 2.4 GHz radio with computer cable$80.00
GEAR-BOXESGear reduction set mounting base and cover (needs motor, driven gear, and pinion). Two boxes including metal bracket.$15.00
GEAR-D28Nylon driven gear, 28 tooth$4.00
GEAR-9TPinion gear, 9 tooth$4.00
GEAR-11TPinion gear, 11 tooth$4.00
GEAR-12TPinion gear, 12 tooth (most commonly used one)$4.00
GEAR-14TPinion gear, 14 tooth$4.00
SS-CA-UNIVERSALStainless Steel universal for cruiser drive systems. 2.3mm hole for connecting to MTR-395 on one and and a 1/8" shaft on the other.$6.00
MTR-380380 can motor. 16k rpm at 6v. Typically used for small pumps.$6.00
MTR-395New 395 sized motor for Cruisers drives. 11,700 rpm at 6.6V.$8.00
MTR-HC600HC-600 surplus motor (550 type) for 6 volt prop drive or pump use. This motor is often used on battleships and battlecruisers that do not have 3 props.$6.00
MTR-HC970HC-970 surplus motor (HC-973) for Bismarck and other large ships using a single powered prop$25.00
BALSA-1-32-31/32 x 3 x 36 inch balsa sheet (Fast Gun and Treaty armor)$2.00
SILKSPAN-00-STRIPSILKSPAN 00 weight, 5 inch strip, 20' long$3.00
SILKSPAN-00-SHEETSILKSPAN 00 weight, 24" x 36"$2.25
SILKSPAN-GM-SHEETSILKSPAN GM weight, 24" x 36"$3.00
SERVO-EXT-1212 inch servo extension$2.00
SERVO-EXT-2020 inch servo extension$2.50