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RC Model Warship Kits and Hulls

These hulls I have are all that I will have. Kits are being pulled as I run out of hulls, but I might not get the item pulled fast enough. I will let you know and the order can be changed or canceled as needed. I will also consult with you if the only hull left is not like the others we generally have had — some hulls were made to test a new technique, or as samples from a potential fiberglass supplier.

The ship kits contain the pieces needed to complete the hull and superstructure. This typically includes a fiberglass hull, decks, prop shaft(s), rudder(s), styrene deck sections, foam and balsa superstructure pieces, scale plans, turret covers, and instructions. It is enough to get you to a nice-looking, but not functional, model ship. Most ships will also require a radio system, batteries, bilge pump, CO2 and cannon system, and running hardware to be combat-ready. All ships are 1:144 scale. Please see our page dedicated to our fiberglass hull construction.

We have deck kits for many of the ships. Please see our separate page for deck kits for more information, and order the kits from this current page. The deck set is part of the hull kit.

We have masking tape for marking rib widths. The tape comes in rolls 3/8th inch wide and 60 yards long for $4 (buy now) and 1/4th inch and 6o yards long for $3 (buy now).

Hull Only: Fiberglass Hull
Hull + Deck: Fiberglass Hull plus main Wooden Deck Set
Hull kits and Battle Kits: No longer available
Superstructures are no longer available.

Ship NameTypeHull + DeckHull Only
FS DunkerqueBC$215.00 $165.00
FS La GalissonnièreCL$165.00 $125.00
FS Le FantasqueDD$125.00
FS RichelieuBB$230.00 $180.00
SMS BadenDN$215.00 $165.00
DKM BismarckBB$238.00 $188.00
SMS DerfflingerBC$203.00 $158.00
SMS MoltkeBC$185.00 $145.00
DKM ScharnhorstBC$215.00 $165.00
Great Britain
HMS Arethusa (1935)CL$165.00 $125.00
HMS CourageousBC$205.00 $160.00
HMS DreadnoughtBB$190.00
HMS FuriousCV$158.00
HMS GorgonMN$155.00 $120.00
HMS HoodBC$180.00
Canarias / HMS Kent classCA$165.00 $125.00
HMS RobertsMN$160.00
HMS VanguardBB$242.00 $192.00
HMS Warrior / Duke of EdinburghAC$120.00
Duca D'Aosta - Click here to order kit or parts.CA$40.00
LittorioBB$230.00 $180.00
IJN AganoCL$155.00 $120.00
IJN NagatoDN$185.00
IJN YamatoBB$210.00
Canarias / HMS Kent classCA$165.00 $125.00
EspanaDN$190.00 $150.00
United States of America
USS BrooklynCL$170.00 $130.00
USS Portland NEWCA$165.00 $125.00
USS NorthamptonCA$165.00 $125.00
USS North CarolinaBB$233.00
USS South CarolinaDN$180.00 $140.00
Liberty Ship$140.00
Landing Ship Tank (LST)$120.00 $95.00
C3 Cargo Ship $170.00 $130.00

For the slightly more die-hard modelers out there, we are bringing back some of the pattern sets for wooden hulled ships. These are large format pattern sets that have the ribs and keel (and many include superstructure) for making the ship by hand. These are just rolled plans, and do not include any of the actual building material. This method usually takes a lot more time, but some people prefer it.

ShipTypeSheetsPricePart #Buy
DKM H39 Hull and superstructureBB2$23SPS-GBB-1P
DKM Scharnhorst Hull onlyBB1$15SPS-GBB-4P
HMS Hood Hull and SuperstructureBC2$23SPS-BBC-1P
HMS Renown Hull onlyBC1$15SPS-BBC-2P
IJN Kagero Class combination rib sections, top, and profileDD1$15SP-JDD-1
IJN Yamato Hull onlyBB1$15SPS-JBB-1P
USS Essex Hull and decks, but no island viewsCV2$23SPS-UCV-2P
USS Hanover Hull and SuperstructureAPA1$15SPS-ICL-1P
Soviet Tashkent Hull and SuperstructureDD1$15SPS-RDD-1P

We now have laser cut kits from RC Engineer and Greg M. These are typically shipped in a USPS large flat rate box.

ShipTypeSheetsPricePart #Buy
French Henry IV Hull onlyPDNLasK-Henry$40
French Libertie Hull onlyPDNLasK-Libertie$70
HMS KE VII / HMS Duncan / IJN Mikasa Hull onlyPDNLask-KE$70
IJN Takao Hull onlyCALasK-Takao$90
Russian Potemkin Hull OnlyPDNLasK-Potemkin$70
USS Baltimore Hull onlyCALasK-Baltimore$90
USS Bogue Hull, main deck, and tower levelsCVE-9LasK-Bogue$70
USS Texas Hull onlyDNLasK-Texas$120
French Provence Hull and SuperstructureDN7LasK-Provence$160