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DKM Bismarck

DKM Bismarck Hull

The DKM Bismarck is a large, handsome model. This infamous German battleship has been and will continue to be very popular with all model ship Captains, both in and out of the sport of RC Model Warship Combat.

Our complete Bismarck kit comes with a one piece fiberglass hull, two piece plywood deck, radio box, rudders, prop shaft & housing, preformed superstructure blocks, molded stack and turrets (main and secondary), plywood sub-deck rims and stringers, balsa and Silkspan hull sheeting, complete assembly instructions, and rolled plans.

Cannon system packages are offered which allow the builder to choose between outfitting the Bismarck with 4 BB cannons (BBSYST-4.5) and 2 bilge pumps or with 5 BB cannons (BBSYST-5.5) and 1 bilge pump.

Bismarck is available as a complete fiberglass kit and as a hull only.

The unit value of the Bismarck is different between MWCI and IRCWCC rules. Under MWCI rules, the Bismarck is a 6.5 unit ship. Under IRCWCC rules, the Bismarck is 7.0 units. This will affect what cannon system goes int it.

Ship Information
Class: Battleship
Laid Down: July 1, 1936
Launched: February 14, 1939
Commissioned: August 14, 1940
Sunk: May 27, 1941

Model Specifications
Length: 68.66 inches
Beam: 9.83 inches

Recommended Accessories
Hardware: HDW-BISM
Fast Gun Cannon System: BBSYST-5.5D or BBSYST-6DD (depends upon rule set the ship fights under)
CO2 supply: bottle-7.0
CO2 regulator: regulatr-140
Bilge Pump: PUMP-l1
Radio System: minimum 4 channels, 5 preferred
Battery Supply: (2) 6 volt 10-15 amp hour gel cells

Skills Required

Building: Recommended only for those modelers with advanced R/C building skills. Not for the first time builder.
Battling: The Bismarck is definitely not for the rookie battler. We recommend it only for those combat Captains with one or more ships and at least two full battling seasons under their belt.

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DKM Bismarck