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DKM Lutzow

DKM Lutzow Hull

Designed and built as long range commerce raiders, the German Kreigsmarines DKM Lutzow and her sisters (DKM Admiral Graf Spee and DKM Admiral Scheer) caused considerable havoc in the sea lanes of early World War II. Although dubbed “pocket battleships” by journalists they were nothing like a battleship, but were in reality a class of very large heavy cruisers.

The DKM Lutzow (originally named the DKM Deutschland) has been a popular ship to build all through the history of R/C Model Warship Combat. It offers ease of construction with performance on the water respected by rookie and experienced Captains alike.

Our Lutzow kit contains a one piece fiberglass hull, plywood decks, balsa and Silkspan sheeting, rudder, two shafts and stuffing tubes, pre-formed superstructure blocks, molded turrets, barbettes, balsa stack, full size rolled plans, radio box kit, and assembly instructions.

Available as a complete fiberglass kit and as a fiberglass hull shell only.

Ship Information
Class: Heavy Cruiser
Laid Down: February 5, 1929
Launched: May 19, 1931
Commissioned: April 1, 1933
Sunk: July 20, 1947

Model Specifications
Length: 51.38 inches
Beam: 5.63 inches
Ship Speed (original): 32.5 knots

Radio System: 4 channels minimum, 5+ preferred

Battery Supply: (2) 7.2 volt, 4-5 amp hr. NiMH (one used each sortie, RC Car battery)


Skills Required
Building: Rookie. Slightly more difficult to build than the Brooklyn, but still very easy and suitable for all beginners.
Battling: Rookie. A good ship for rookie Captains, but still has great appeal for experienced battlers.

Class Sisters
DKM Deutschland/Lutzow
DKM Admiral Graf Spee
DKM Admiral Scheer

DKM Lutzow

Lutzow Kit Contents

Video of DKM Lutzow build by a customer at http://youtu.be/_0S56W2HN2k