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FS Dunkerque

Ship Information
Class: Battlecruiser
Laid Down: December 24, 1932
Launched: October 2, 1935
Commissioned: May 1, 1937
Scuttled: November 27, 1942

Model Specifications
Length: 58.65 inches
Beam: 8.50 inches
Ship Speed (original): 29.5 knots

Class Sisters

Dunkerque Decks and Sub-decks

The new sub-decks for the Dunkerque are are little different from most other ships. The fore and aft sub-decks are epoxied in as normal to the lower levels of the hull. In those two sub-decks are slots in which to permanently mount a board upright that will connect to the upper sub-deck. This provides the maximum amount of usable space inside the ship while further strengthening it.