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FS Le Fantasque

Designed and built in the 1930’s as Destroyer leaders, these fine little ships were later re-classified as light cruisers. They held the distinction of being the worlds fastest flotilla ships throughout their entire career all the way to the early 1960’s. They could reliably maintain a speed of 37.0 knots with a full combat loading. On trials, at a lighter loading, some ships in the class did better than 45.0 knots.

The Le Fantasque class is generally used in Model Warship Combat as a secondary ship during campaign battles. Due to its small size, very severe weight saving measures must be taken during construction.

Ship Information
Class: Destroyer
Laid Down: November 15, 1931
Launched: March 15, 1934
Commissioned: May 1, 1936

Model Specifications
Length: 36.17 inches
Beam: 3.42 inches
Ship Speed (original): 45 knots

Recommended Accessories
Hardware: HDW-DD
Cannon System: Please call or email for details
CO2 Supply: ADAPTER-12
CO2 Regulator: REGU-LITE-140
Bilge Pump: PUMP-S1-6
Radio System: Minimum 3 channels. Micro servos for rudder and throttle may be necessary due to extremely tight internal space and weight restrictions.
Battery Supply: (1) 6 volt, 1700 mAh Ni-Cad pack

Skills Required

Building: Advanced. Very difficult to build and keep within allowed weight limits. Minimal internal space for equipment. Micro style servos required for rudder and throttle.
Battling: Intermediate. Note: Due to this ships small size, no radio box is supplied. Radios must be protected from moisture as per current R/C Combat Hobby waterproofing techniques.

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