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HMS Exeter

The HMS Exeter was a “one off” class of British cruiser in a design evolution within the Royal Navy brought about by the London Naval Treaty of 1922. Famous for its part in dueling with the DKM Graf Spee at the Battle of the River Plate in Sept. 1939, the Exeter also figured prominently in the Battle of Java Sea three years later. Exeter was badly damaged at Java Sea and was torpedoed by a Japanese sub as scuttling charges were being set by the crew.

Our HMS Exeter kit is available in fiberglass frame construction. It includes Baltic birch sub-deck and deck, balsa and silkspan sheeting, rudder, two shafts and stuffing tubes, pre-formed superstructure blocks, turrets and stacks, full size rolled plans, radio box, and assembly instructions. Also available as a fiberglass hull only.

Ship Information
Class: Heavy Cruiser
Laid Down: August 1, 1928
Launched: July 18, 1929
Commissioned: July 27, 1931
Sunk: March 1, 1942

Model Specifications
Length: 47.92 inches
Beam: 4.83 inches
Ship Speed (original): 32 knots

Skills Required
Building: Rookie to intermediate. Special care must be given to maximum allowed weight requirements.
Battling: Rookie

Exeter Hull Kit Contents