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HMS King George V


From the North Atlantic to the North Sea to the South China Sea the ships of the HMS King George V class did their duty for the Royal Navy. The HMS Prince of Wales and HMS King George V were instrumental in the search for and destruction of the German battleship Bismarck in May 1941. The HMS Duke of York was the major contributor in the sinking of the German battlecruiser Scharnhorst in December 1943.

Modelers are taking advantage of the one unique feature of these ships, quadruple mountings that make for a devastating aft turret salvo.

Note: This ship is within the 2% spec allowed for fast gun, but was deliberately made an inch short for turning purposes.

Ship Information
Class: Battleship
Laid Down: January 1, 1937
Launched: February 21, 1939
Commissioned: December 11, 1940

Model Specifications
Beam: 8.58 inches
Ship Speed (original): 21 knots

Recommended Accessories
Hardware: HDW-BB
Cannon System: BBSYST-5T
CO2 Supply: BOTTLE-7.0
Bilge Pump: PUMP-L2 with Tamiya RS-540 type motor
Radio System: Minimum 4 channels, 5 preferred
Battery Supply: (1) 6 volt, 20-25 amp hr. Gel Cell

Skills Required
Building: Recommended only for those modelers with advanced R/C building skills.
Battling: The KGV class is not for the rookie battler. We recommend it only for those combat captains with a minimum of two battling seasons under their belt and at least one or two prior combat ship models.

Class Sisters:
HMS King George V
HMS Prince of Wales
HMS Anson
HMS Howe
HMS Duke of York