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SMS Baden

SMS Baden Hull 1:144 Scale

SMS Baden and Bayern were the ultimate dreadnoughts of the Imperial German High Seas Fleet during WWI. They were the best armored battleships of their day. Four main turrets, all on the centerline, with 15 inch rifles gave them one of the best punches as well.

The Bayern class ships are rapidly becoming notorious within the model warship combat hobby as being very tough to beat. Though slow, their short and tubby hull shape combined with twin rudders make for fantastic maneuverability. This gives them a decided advantage in a close in “fur ball” battle that typifies a lot of R/C Warship fleet actions.

Ship Information
Class: Battleship
Laid Down: December 20, 1913
Launched: October 13, 1915
Commissioned: March 14, 1917

Model Specifications
Length: 49.17 inches
Beam: 8.25 inches

Recommended Accessories
Hardware: HDW-BB
Cannon System: BBSYST-4.5
CO2 Supply: BOTTLE-3.5 or 7.0
Bilge Pump: PUMP-L2 (with Tamiya RS-540 motor)
Radio System: 4 channels minimum, 5 preferred
Battery Supply: (1) 6 volt, 15-20 amp hour

Skills Required
Building: We recommend the SMS Baden only for those battlers with intermediate to advanced building skills.
Battling: Intermediate

Class Sisters
SMS Baden
SMS Bayern

SMS Baden 1:144 Scale Model Warship

SMS Baden

External Reviews, Photos, and Construction Documentation

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SMS Baden Deck Structure

The deck system for the Baden is a little unusual. The bow and lower sub-decks are mounted as normal. What is different is that the weather sub-deck section is designed to be permanently attached to the lower deck. With this arrangement, access is easy through the top weather deck for many items, but the lower deck can be removed which allows access to almost the entire inside of the ship.