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SMS Derfflinger

Fast and deadly, the SMS Derfflinger class battlecruisers were well able to dish out damage and take same. The Derfflinger was well involved in the sinking of the HMS Queen Mary and HMS Invincible, her British counterparts, during the battle of Jutland in June 1916. She came home under her own power, limping but still afloat from over 127 hits inflicted by the Royal Navy.

In the Warship Combat hobby the Derfflinger class battlecruiser is widely respected as a good ship for the rookie to intermediate battler of the Axis persuasion.

SMS Derfflinger Kit

Currently, the SMS Derfflinger is available as a complete Warship Kit and as a fiberglass hull shell only.

Ship Information
Class: Battlecruiser
Laid Down: March 30, 1912
Launched: July 17, 1913
Commissioned: September 1, 1914

Model Specifications
Length: 57.42 inches
Beam: 7.92 inches

Recommended Accessories
Hardware: HDW-BC
Cannon System: BBSYST-3.5
CO2 Supply: BOTTLE-3.5
Bilge Pump: PUMP-L2 (with Tamiya RS-540 motor)
Radio System: 4 channels minimum, 5 or 6 preferred
Battery Supply: (1) 6 volt, 10-15 amp hour battery

Skills Required
Building: Intermediate
Battling: Rookie to Intermediate

Class Sisters
SMS Derfflinger
SMS Lutzow
SMS Hindenberg

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