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SMS Moltke

SMS Moltke Hull

Unlike their British contemporaries, the German High Seas Fleet’s early battle cruiser designs had armor adequate to the task of escorting the fleets big battleships into a fleet action. Tough and fast, the SMS Moltke acquitted itself well at both the Battle of the Dogger Bank and at Jutland. Its sister ship, SMS Goeben fired the first naval shots of World War One when it bombarded the French Algerian port of Philippeville on August 4, 1914.

Like the Invincible and South Carolina, the SMS Moltke is allowed to utilize three firing quadrants with broadside firing cannons. A roomy hull with lots of space to work inside makes the Moltke an easy ship to maintain. A low aspect ratio hull helps the Moltke’s maneuverability. Five main turrets give several choices for cannon placement. All in all, a very good ship and a good choice for experienced battlers or rookies with moderate R/C experience.

The SMS Moltke is available as a “Semi-Kit”. We are in the process of designing the patterns and tooling for the parts of this fine Axis ship, but it will be a while before it is available as a “Complete Kit”. We are still short tooling on some of the superstructure parts and the moldings for the forward embrasures.

At present the SMS Moltke semi-kit comes with a fiberglass hull shell, plywood decks and sub-rims, radio box kit, rolled plan, stuffing tubes and shafts, main rudder, hull sheeting and silkspan, five main turrets, smokestack, and three main superstructure blocks. You would still need to make the secondary rudder (this can be done by cutting down one of our smaller molded rudders, available separately), forward embrasures, and remaining superstructure parts. Not much considering that a full size plan sheet is included with the kit.

Ship Information
Class: Battlecruiser
Laid Down: December 7, 1908
Launched: April 7, 1910
Commissioned: August 30, 1911
Scuttled: June 21, 1919

Radio System: 4 channels minimum, 5 or 6 preferred

Battery Supply: (1) 6 volt, 10 to 12 amp hour battery

Model Specifications
Length: 50.90 inches
Beam: 8.08 inches
Ship Speed (original): 28.4 knots

Skills Required
Building: Rookie
Battling: Rookie. A VERY capable ship. Excellent firepower options and good maneuverability

Class Sisters:
SMS Moltke
SMS Goeben

SMS Moltke 1:144 Scale Model Warship
New decks are now available for the Moltke. The sub-decks have the correct shape for the forward facing casemates, though they were not incorporated into the fiberglass hull. It should not difficult to make the cutouts for them.

SMS Moltke Decks and Sub-decks

For IRC and MWCI members, this ship is affected by the casemate rule for the area just in front of the aft deck. The lower sub-deck has been lengthened so as to give some support to the casemate deck in this section. After installation and window-cutting, this small section will need to be sanded down to 1/8″ in order to comply with the casemate rules.