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USS Arizona

USS Arizona Hull

Along with the USS Missouri, the Arizona is one of the two most famous ships in U.S. Naval history. Made infamous by being sunk at Pearl Harbor Hawaii on December 7, 1941, the Arizona serves as a memorial to all the U.S. dead from the Imperial Japanese Navy’s sneak attack that engulfed America in the second “War to End Wars”.

Also at Pearl Harbor, the USS Pennsylvania was one of the few ships that escaped with only minor bomb damage. After a short repair period, she went on to distinguished service that lasted throughout the war. The “Pennsy” participated in the sinking of Japanese battleship IJN Yamashiro at the battle of Surigao Strait, the last great “battleship vs. battleship” encounter of all time.

The USS Arizona is available from Strike Models as a fiberglass hull shell and as a complete warship kit. Our USS Arizona kit comes complete with fiberglass hull shell, balsa sheeting, silkspan, rolled plans, precut decks, precut deck rims, barbettes, superstructure levels, turrets, rudder, prop shafts and stuffing tubes, radio box, plus other small items.

Ship Information
Class: Battleship
Laid Down: March 16, 1914
Launched: June 19, 1915
Commissioned: October 17, 1916
Sunk: December 7, 1941

Model Specifications
Length: 50.67 inches
Beam: 8.83 inches
Ship Speed (original): 21 knots

Skills Required
Building: We recommend USS Arizona-USS Pennsylvania only for those battlers with intermediate to advanced building skills.
Battling: Intermediate

Class Sisters
USS Arizona BB39
USS Pennsylvania BB38

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