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USS Atlanta

USS Atlanta Hull

Originally designed as “flankers” to protect the U.S. battle fleet from enemy destroyers and aircraft, this handsome class of light cruisers found their niche as a dedicated anti-aircraft platform. They saw wide service throughout the war in every theatre of operations.

RC Warship Combat Captains are finding the USS Atlanta class a useful addition to fleet battles as a fast “hit and run” shooter, able to get in, cause damage, and then get out of trouble quickly, and as a secondary ship in campaign events. The Atlanta is available as either a full kit or as a fiberglass hull only.

Model Specifications
Length: 45.16 inches
Beam: 4.41 inches
Ship Speed (original): 33.3 knots

Skills Required
Building: Intermediate. Due to this ships small size, special concern must be given to max. allowed weight and internal space for components. No radio box is supplied. The radio must be waterproofed as per current R/C Combat techniques. Aeroplate waterproofing fluid is a big help with this model.
Battling: Rookie

Class Sisters
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Atlanta Hull Kit