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USS Iowa

USS Iowa Hull

USS Iowa Fiberglass Hull


Optional deck and sub-deck set for the USS Iowa


The pinnacle of American warship construction, the USS Iowa and her sisters will always be the first image to enter the mind when the term “American battleship” is mentioned. Big, sleek, and beautiful, this model warship hull is made available for those modeling captains who want the ultimate Allied battlewagon for getting down and dirty in a broadside mixer with the Axis.

Available as a fiberglass hull shell and a complete warship kit. Our USS Iowa kit comes complete with fiberglass hull shell, balsa sheeting, silkspan, rolled plans, pre-cut deck, pre-cut deck rims, barbettes, superstructure levels, turrets, rangefinders, rudders, prop shafts & stuffing tubes, radio box, plus the other small items shown. This is one BIG model. It’s over six feet long.

Ship Information
Class: Battleship
Laid Down: June 27, 1940
Launched: August 27, 1942
Commissioned: February 22, 1943

Model Specifications
Length: 73.90 inches
Beam: 9.00 inches
Ship Speed (original): 32.5 knots

Skills Required
Building: Recommended only for those modelers with very advanced R/C building skills.
Battling: The Iowa class is not for the rookie battler. We recommend it only for the advanced combat captains with several battling seasons under their belt and two or more combat models previously built

Class Sisters
USS Iowa BB61
USS New Jersey BB62
USS Missouri BB63
USS Wisconsin BB64
USS Illinois BB65 (construction cancelled)
USS Kentucky BB66 (construction cancelled)

Picture of the Iowa Kit Contents

External Reviews, Photos, and Construction Documentation
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High Detail Model Parts:
For those that want do do a non-combat model with higher detail parts, here is a list of the parts based on the New Jersey as of 1945
10 Twin 5 in turrets
20 Quad 40mm cannons (14 of them in tubs)
41 single mount 20mm AA cannons (4 individual tubs, 6 twin rows, 2 triple rows, 2 quintuple rows)
8 twin mount 20mm AA cannons
4 MK37 Rangefinders
1 SK2 radar