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USS North Carolina

First of the U.S. Navy’s modern “treaty” battleships, the USS North Carolina class were the first U.S. battleships built with a flush deck and what became the standard main armament of three, triple barrel 16″ mounts. The two ships served the Navy well throughout WWII. The USS Washington has the distinction of being the only modern U.S. battleship to sink an enemy battleship, the IJN Kirishima at the night battle of Guadalcanal, on November 13-14, 1942.

Having good speed and excellent maneuverability potential, the North Carolina class is rapidly gaining in popularity within the R/C Model Warship Combat hobby. Among experienced Allied captains it is becoming touted as “The Ship” to build for taking on the Axis heavy hitters in a close in slugging match.

The USS North Carolina class kit is available as a complete fiberglass kit and as a hull only. Our kit now includes a complete set of resin molded main turrets, secondary turrets, main rangefinders and secondary rangefinders.

Ship Information
Class: Battleship
Laid Down: October 27, 1937
Launched: June 13, 1940
Commissioned: March 9, 1941

Model Specifications
Length: 60.5 inches
Beam: 9.0 inches
Ship Speed (original): 28 knots

Recommended Accessories
Hardware: HDW-BB
Cannon System: BBSYST-5T
CO2 Supply: BOTTLE-7.0
CO2 Regulator: REGULATR-140
Bilge Pump: PUMP-L2 with Tamiya RS-540 motor
Radio System: Minimum 4 channels, 5 preferred
Battery Supply: (1) 6 volt, 20-25 amp hr. Gel Cell

Skills Required
Building: Recommended only for those modelers with advanced R/C building skills.
Battling: The North Carolina is not for the rookie battler. We recommend it only for those Captains with at least one previous combat ship model and one full battling season under their belt.

Class Sisters:
USS North Carolina BB 55
USS Washington BB 56

USS North Carolina