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USS Portland

The USS Portland kit is a superstructure variant of the USS Northampton kit. The hulls were close enough that we are using the Northampton hull and innards as it if were the Portland (the Portland was just a little shorter though slightly heavier). We have had one kit go out, but we do not have any pictures yet of completed ships. Here is a picture of the superstructure on its own:

Layout of USS Portland Superstructure

Layout of USS Portland Superstructure

Model Specifications
Length: 50.00 inches
Beam: 5.50 inches
Ship Speed (original): 32.7 knots

Battling Kit: $672
Fast gun Battling Kit includes: Hull kit, Hardware kit with speed controller (HDW-CA-ESC), 2-cannon system (BBSYST-2), 2.8 oz. CO2 cylinder (TANK-3), variable pressure regulator (REG-V2), small bilge pump (PUMP-S1-6-18), and two VS-2 servos. Radio and batteries are not included in this kit.

Battling kit upgrades:
Upgrade BB system to Dual Fire: $25

Hull Kit only: $262

Recommended Accessories
Parts needed to turn a hull kit into a fast gun combat ship (not needed for battle kits):

Running Hardware (choose from one of the following):
(this piece is best picked up along with the hull kit or as the first add-on kit)

$105  HDW-CA Hardware kit with basic forward/backward movement
$130 HDW-CA-ESC   Hardware kit with electronic speed controller

Bilge Pump:

$33 PUMP-S1-6-18 One unit small pump

Co2 Tank:

$42 TANK-3 3 oz CO2 tank

Co2 Regulator:

$65 REG-V2 Variable Regulator

Cannon System (choose from one of the following):

$115  BBSYST-2 2 Independent straight 50 round magazine cannons, servo actuated
$140  BBSYST-2D 2 Dual fire straight 50 round magazine cannons, servo actuated
$170 BBSYST-SOL-2 2 Straight 50 round magazine cannons, electronic firing, fastest system, can be used in dual or independent mode

Also needed for a combat ship:

Servos: three standard servos (less one if using electronic firing control and less one if using electronic speed control)
Radio System: 4 channels minimum, 5+ preferred, best to get one with built in screen.
Battery Supply: (2x) 7.2 volt, 4-5 amp hr. NiMH (one used each sortie, RC Car battery)

 Class Sisters:
USS Portland CA33
USS Indianapolis CA35