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USS Tennessee

USS Tennessee Hull

Launched and commissioned just after the end of WWI, the USS Tennessee and USS California were the last of the US battleships to have 14 inch main guns. All subsequent US battleships were to have main armaments in 16 inch diameter bore. The USS Tennessee was damaged by bombs at Pearl Harbor, California was sunk by bombs and torpedo. California was re-floated and both ships were heavily rebuilt and modernized before participating in the later half of the war. Both served with distinction until the very end, participating in numerous amphibious operations and at the battle of Surigao Strait, the last great “battleship vs. battleship” event of all time.

The USS Tennessee class battleships have a reputation in the R/C Warship Combat hobby. Good maneuverability combined with a lot of internal hull volume make for a ship model that is tough to beat.

Our USS Tennessee class fiberglass hull shell can also be used to build the modernized USS West Virgina. With a slight modification to the forward embrasures, it can also be used to build the modernized USS Maryland and USS Colorado. Only the fiberglass hull is available at this time. We just finished up the superstructure layout for the Tennessee. At the moment, we only have pictures of the superstructure plus that of the hull and decks. As soon as we get some of these out on the water, we’ll get pictures posted.


USS Tennessee Superstructure

USS Tennessee Superstructure

Ship Information
Class: Battleship
Laid Down: May 14, 1917
Launched: March 30, 1919
Commissioned: June 3, 1920

Model Specifications
Length: 52.08 inches
Beam: 9.50 inches
Ship Speed (Original): 21.0 Knots

Recommended Accessories
Hardware: HDW-BB or HDW-BB-ESC
Cannon System: BBSYST-4.5 or BBSYST-4.5D
CO2 Supply: BOTTLE 7.0
Bilge Pump: Large pump (L1, Stinger, or Titan motor)
Radio System: 4 channels minimum, 5+ preferred
Battery Supply: (1) 6 volt, 15-20 amp hour

Skills Required

Building: We recommend USS Tennessee-USS California only for those battlers with intermediate to advanced building skills.
Battling: Intermediate

Class Sisters:
USS Tennessee BB-43
USS California BB-44