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Tanks and Regulators

New Regulators along with Williams regulator


Strike models is now able to offer two different new regulators. Pictures of both will be up shortly. The first is a variable replacement for the Williams regulator and now has a build in pressure gauge, a pin depressor for pin valve tanks, an internal on/off valve, and a 250 psi pressure relieve valve.

The second regulator is specifically for very weight sensitive ships, as it uses disposable 16 gram cartridges. This regulator comes from Genuine Innovations (GI), and it does require non-threaded GI cartridges. Use of other cartridges causes wear issues. However, Strike Models carries them along with most bicycle retail stores. This regulator requires a 1/8″ tube that needs to be fitted over a barb connector in the top.

Strike Models has also picked up a line of push connect fittings that are listed at the bottom of this page.

Both the 3.5 and 7 ounce CO2 tanks are 2.0 inches in diameter, so they never require hydro-static testing beyond their initial factory test. The larger aluminum tanks require testing every 5 years and are considered to have an unlimited useful life (they have a 3AL stamped in the top).  Steel paintball tanks (stamped with 3HT) require testing every 3 years and have a 24 year life before needing to be retired. If you have a tank that requires hydro testing, contact us by email and we can get you in contact with places that specialize in that service.

We also now carry 3000 psi burst disks for those of you who’ve left your full, black tanks in the sun. The 3k psi burst disks are standard on all of our tanks.

All of our tanks now come with stickers stating the full and empty weight of the tanks as well as their capacity. We recommend using a small digital scale to weight the tanks immediately after filling to make sure that the tank has not been overfilled. Weighing the tank should be done without any regulators or hoses hooked up.

CO2 Tanks



Part NumberDescriptionWeight (ounces)Dimensions (inches)PriceBuy
REG-V2New Variable Regulator with 1/4" OD output (includes F-SE-14-14 unless other size is needed)6.32.75" long x 1.25" dia.$45.00
GI-16GGenuine Innovations 16 gram unthreaded CO2 cartridge (MUST be shipped FedEx Ground)2.03.4" long (goes inside REG-12G)$1.50
TANK-3-P2.8 oz CO2 Tank (pin valve)11.82" dia. x 5.86" long$36.00
TANK-32.8 oz CO2 Tank (on/off valve)14.22" dia. x 6.29" long$36.00
GA-CO2-FILL-STATIONGuerrilla Air CO2 fill station$40.00
High Pressure Air Tanks (HPA) and Accessories
REG-GA-MYTH-3000Guerrilla Air Myth 3000 PSI regulator (new, but not in standard package)$30.00
GA-HPA-FILL-STATIONYoke style fill station for 3000 psi HPA tanks$40.00
Pneumatic Parts
SOL-DRIVERKit for a two position solenoid driver. No wiring. Built in diodes.$30.00
SOL-DRIVER-W-CONNKit for a two position solenoid driver with servo cable and three import JST connector pairs. Connectors rated for 5 amps. Diodes built in.$34.00
SOL_v2-5V2.5mm Orifice Solenoid Valve for 4 to 8 Volt operation. Comes with 1/4" input and 1/8" output quick connects. Other adapters available.5.2 oz$24.00
SOL_v2-12V2.5mm Orifice Solenoid Valve for 9 to 14 Volt operation. Comes with 1/4" input and 1/8" output quick connects. Other adapters available.5.2 oz$24.00
SOL_v2_ActuatorReplacement actuator for v2 solenoids.$4.00
SOL-6V-3.03mm Orifice Solenoid Valve for 6 Volt operation. 1/8NPT input and output$40.00
SOL-6V-3.0-FITTED3mm Orifice Solenoid Valve for 6 Volt operation. 1/4" Tube input and 1/8" tube output$42.00
REDUCER-1-8Plastic reducer for 1/8 NPT connections to 10-32. No sealing tape needed.<0.1$1.25
REDUCER-1-4Plastic reducer for 1/4 NPT connections to 10-32. No sealing tape needed.<0.1$1.50
PLUG-10Brass or plastic 10-32 plug (with gasket)<0.1$0.40
BARB-1-8Brass 10-32 to 1/8" ID tubing.<0.1$0.75
BARB-1-16Brass 10-32 to 1/16" ID tubing.<0.1$0.75
PRV-250Pressure Relief Valve pre-set for 250 PSI. 1/8 NPT connection.0.9$5.00
TUBE-1-4One foot of polyurethane 1/4 OD tubing.$0.50
TUBE-5-32One foot of polyurethane 5/32 OD tubing.$0.35
TUBE-1-8One foot of polyurethane 1/8 OD tubing.$0.30

Strike Models has been interested getting our hobby to be able to use next generation of paintball air equipment, which is high pressure air (HPA). In California, we’ve been running them for a couple of years without problem. When using HPA, you will actually be running two regulators: the tank has a built in regulator bringing the 3000 psi air down to CO2 levels of about 800 psi. The tanks with built in regulators were designed from the outset as a drop in replacement for CO2 tanks. The regulators work well, and the pressure gauge is quite handy. The gauges do need to be sealed, however. Sealing is done by applying a small amount of CA around the front clear cover and a dab of silicone over a vent hole in the back side of the gauge.

Until testing determines otherwise, we only recommend using the 3000 psi aluminum tanks. There are also carbon fiber wrapped tanks, but we need to do ballistic testing before we can recommend them. Also, the fiber wrapped tanks are are wider than the aluminum ones, so this also prevents them from going in more ships. The 13 cubic inch tank below is the same one the 5 oz CO2 tank listed above. The HPA version has the built in HPA regulator, however, and not and on/off valve. In order to run HPA, you will need some way to actuate the pin valve on the tank. Our variable regulators (though not the fixed ones) have a pin depressor. There are also other third party pin depressors.

Strike Models is now a reseller of Guerrilla Air tanks, regulators, fill stations. We carry the 13 and 48 cubic inch HPA tanks (the 22 cubic inch tank will be coming) as well as HPA and CO2 fill stations. The HPA fill station is designed as a yoke mount over a standard scuba bottle.

Pneumatic Fittings  
Part NumberDescriptionBuy
REDUCER-1-8Plastic reducer for 1/8 NPT connections to 10-32. No sealing tape needed.$1.25
REDUCER-1-4Plastic reducer for 1/4 NPT connections to 10-32. No sealing tape needed.$1.50
PLUG-1-8Plastic 1/8 NPT plug$1.00
PLUG-10Brass 10-32 plug (with gasket)$0.40
BARB-1-8Brass 10-32 to 1/8" ID tubing.$0.75
BARB-1-16Brass 10-32 to 1/16" ID tubing.$0.75
Push Connect Fittings
Part NumberDescriptionBuy
F-SE-14-14Male Swivel Elbow: 1/4" tube (OD size) to 1/4 NPT $2.00
F-SE-532-14Male Swivel Elbow: 5/32" tube to 1/4 NPT $2.00
F-SE-14-18Male Swivel Elbow: 1/4" tube to 1/8 NPT$2.00
F-SE-532-18Male Swivel Elbow: 5/32" tube to 1/8 NPT $2.00
F-SE-18-18Male Swivel Elbow 1/8" tube to 1/8" NTP$2.00
F-SE-14-1032Male Swivel Elbow: 1/4" tube to $2.00
F-SE-532-1032Male Swivel Elbow: 5/32" tube to 10-32$2.00
F-STR-14-1032Male Straight Adapter: 1/4" tube to 10-32$2.00
F-STR-532-1032Male Swivel Elbow: 5/32" tube to 10-32$2.00
F-Y-14Y adapter for 1/4 OD tubing$2.00
F-T-14Tee adapter for 1/4 OD tube$2.00
F-CHECK-14Union check valve for 1/4" tube$4.50
F-UNION-14Union for 1/4" tube$2.00
F-PLUG-14Push connect plug for 1/4 fittings$0.75
F-VALVE-14Push connect shut off valve for 1/4" tube$6.00
F_REDUCER-14-532Push in reducer from 1/4" stem to 5/32" tube$2.00